Blog Set Up: 30% of mark

4 in-class assignments: 20% of mark (5% each)

Final project: 40% of mark

Final Test 10% of mark

= 100%

Assignment I – Blog Set Up

Each student will create from scratch and maintain a personal weblog.

This crucial space will serve as our learning “sandbox” and, at the end of 7 weeks, the beginning of a portfolio or personal blog. This blog does not need to must have a specific focus, but a focus or area of specialization is encouraged (i.e., a subject, a neighborhood, a specific topic).

1. Set up a blog using (other platforms are fine if you’re more comfortable in something else)

2. Select a design that is appropriate for your beat and blog.

3. Create a compelling title for your blog. It should people tell what your blog is about and pull readers in.

4. Create an “About” page or sidebar widget. Write one or two lines describing who you are and the focus of your blog.

5. Add the following features (and more if you like):
-blog roll with at least five relevant links
-other widgets that help may flesh out your beat and online publication

6. Make sure your blog allows comments, that your time zone is set correctly (to UTC -4)

DUE: ASAP. Blogs will not be judged on code / technical specs until the final class. Many of these elements will need to be in place for you to complete class assignments, however.

Class Assignments

Individual assignments will reflect the nature of what we’re learning in class. Each assignment is intended to develop a specific skill that can be used to develop your final project.

Final Multimedia Project

Your final multimedia project will be a journalistic package that combines some or all of the following elements: text, photo, hyperlinks, audio, video, animation, slideshows, maps, live coverage, etc. The text must follow CP style and adhere to the journalistic standards of Centennial College’s school of Communications.

This portfolio-quality project will be published individually, but collaboration between students is encouraged for specific package pieces (example: videos, podcasts).

The story is completely up to you, but should lend itself well to the platforms you use to tell it.


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