Class 5: Internet storytelling tools Part 2 – Maps, Maps, Maps!

In 2007, Google introduced the “My Maps” function to Google Maps, which allowed non-programmers to build and share customized Google Maps using a simple point-and-click interface. That tool can help journalists quickly slap up an online map whenever relevant news, such as a wildfire, breaks.

The Google Maps API has been a great boon for news websites and a great help in creating all kinds of interactive graphics involving maps.

Today, you’ll learn how to create interactive maps that can be used to enhance your stories.

You’ll be creating:

A Google map of your childhood neighbourhood and marking it with social paths. This map will be embedded into your blog post.

How to Guide here:

We will also look at how Google Streetview can be used to report news.

Some examples to get us started…

Toronto Star’s neighbourhood map (more Torstar maps)
WSJ’s Champions Guide to the NY Marathon
Crime Map in New Orleans
35wi Bridge Collapse
BBC Birkshire Flood

Food Truck Maps: LA, NYC

Please email your blogpost with map embedded to by noon, Friday October 21st.



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