Class 2: Online writing and mobile reporting

courtesy of Corbis

Today in class, we’ll be discussing the principles and practices of news production online. More specifically, we’ll look at writing for the web.

You’ll be learning:

Some basic HTML tags (links, images, videos and light text formatting)
How to embed multimedia pieces into the body of a post
Effective headline writing for web audiences
How to effectively tag posts
Why linking within posts and trackbacks are important (and what the heck a trackback is)

You’ll be creating:

Your blog bio / choose a theme
A blog post (formulated from content you’ve already writtem) that features links, embedded photos and an embedded video.
You’ll also be Tweeting out your post

If time permits, you’ll publish a Twitpic


PS: If you’ve got some time, feel free to preview the Online News writing article we’ll be going over in class – and if you haven’t shot me over a link to your blog and Twitter handle, please do so ASAP so that I can add you to the blogroll.



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