Class One: Twitter, Wordpress and MoJo for Noobs.


Class Email List
What is Online Journalism?
Setting up our “sandbox”

journalists can now file stories from debit machines #blatantlie

Online journalism is defined as the reporting of facts produced and distributed via the Internet. It’s interactive, participatory, spans geographical boundaries, inexpensive and fast – often, in real time: New School Journamalism.

    Getting Started with Twitter: Tips To Get You Started Right

“Success in the social web is all about listening, engaging, curating and sharing” – Sree Sreenivasan

Why Twitter?

It’s not a waste of time – You control who you follow, who you list, how you tweet, what you tweet.

Getting More Out Of Twitter.

– Mobile Apps
– Desktop Clients
– Shrink Your URLs (save room for your message)
– Use Hashtags
– Understand the difference between RTs and DMs
– Use Lists
– Tweet Photos
– Searching (Twiangulate,

Set up your own Twitter Account and find people to follow (Listorious and MuckRack are great places to start. For more tips, see Mashable’s guide to Twitter.

    Wordpress Blog Setup

We’ll go over the steps of setting up our own blogs in class. These guides to getting started and wordpress basics are excellent resources.

    For Class 2:

– Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the course textbook.

– Please email your Twitter handle and blog URL to instructor by Monday:

– Bring in a soft copy of a news story you’ve written, either in the past or as part of this program


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